Wouldn’t we all love to have a naturally white smile? Unfortunately, the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the cigarettes some of us smoke are all contributors to staining our teeth – there’s no way to avoid it! However, for those who really want to achieve a pearly white smile, simple teeth whitening procedures are available at your local dentist and ours here at Tooth Crusader. If you’re still a little on the fence about it, read through these top 5 benefits of professional teeth whitening and it’ll have sold on the procedure by the end!

#1. Confidence! 

With professional teeth whitening, your brighter more vivacious smile becomes a magnet for attention and positive first impressions. Whether this means at work, on a date or just around your neighbourhood, your confidence will emanate, and that big, bright, sparkly smile will be hard to miss. Whiter teeth are also an indication of a well-groomed person, indicating that you take care of yourself, are well-maintained, and are likely more successful in life. 

#2. Guaranteed Results

Have you already tried at-home teeth whitening procedures and gels with not much luck? Some methods require several rounds of application and others require a strict schedule to maintain clean, white teeth. Other products, particularly those found in your supermarket aisle, may produce uneven results. A professional teeth whitening treatment administered by my team will produce immediate results that are long-lasting with some extra advice for after-care and home maintenance. 

#3. Safer than Home Treatments

Speaking of supermarket treatments, if you’re not careful with those remedies, you may damage your gums or make your teeth more sensitive to foods and drinks. A professional teeth whitening treatment at Tooth Crusader also includes teeth cleaning to ensure you have no underlying oral health issues. I will also continue to monitor the progress to ensure your teeth and gums are not exposed to any damage throughout the procedure with the ability to adjust the concentration level of the whitening agent should you feel any discomfort or sensitivity. 

#4. Personalised Fit 

All smiles are different and so should your teeth whitening strip or tray. Another common issue with over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions is that they are often the wrong size and do not fit the mouth well which is how you end up with an uneven result or damage to your gums. Thanks to Philips we have 2 great options to keep that white smile. The Philips Zoom Pen, is easy to use, and just paint your teeth where you need to touch up. This is a great for those who travel, or the more traditional option using the Philips Zoom Syringe in your custom fit trays. 

#5. Minimises the Look of Wrinkles 

Whiter teeth don’t only make you feel younger but look younger too. Partly due to the association between white teeth and youth, a brighter smile can also take focus away from wrinkles and draw attention to your pearly whites. So, the appearance of surrounding wrinkles, acne scars, and frown lines all become background noise when you strut your stuff with a great big smile! 

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Never underestimate the effects of a personalised service when your confidence, mental, oral, and general health are at stake. Knowing that a smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, we understand that a bright smile and whiter teeth can be life-changing for many people and the benefits of professional teeth whitening can go a long way in improving your quality of life. Although an affordable procedure, can you even really put a price on health and confidence? 

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