General Check Up
And Clean

General check up and clean Wolli Creek

Need A General Check Up And Clean?
Tooth Crusader AT WOLLI CREEK Can Help!

People are blind to the importance of a good check up by a dentist. Everyone puts it off and by the time you get around to doing one, your teeth are in a terrible state. Having your teeth checked regularly not only helps prevent oral diseases but also allows for early detection of any issues. Early detection means a solution is readily available, you have options and allows you to maintain optimal oral health, avoiding costly treatments down the line.

Most private health funds, including BUPA, HCF, Medibank Private, AHM and FRANK allow you to have a check up and teeth cleaning every 6 months. At Tooth Crusader we are proud to offer a NO GAP service for these general check ups & teeth cleaning, which allows you to get checked up on every six months. A simple procedure that keeps your teeth & mouth healthy!

general check up Wolli Creek


Getting your teeth cleaned is a necessary evil. You know it’s good for you but it’s a pain and who has the time. We are all too busy eating too much yummy food, coffee with friends, enjoying sweets, cakes and sugary drinks.

 And if you don’t get them cleaned every six months, well, we all know what happens next… but when you do visit Tooth Crusader for your regular six monthly teeth cleaning and exam, Dr Tse and her team are able to monitor your oral health and detect any areas of concern quickly and even share a coffee and a Tim Tam if you have the time.

Moreover, all teeth cleaning, X-Rays and general checkups are NO GAP at Tooth Crusader, so if you’re after a teeth clean on your health fund, then we make it affordable.



Thorough examinations of your gums, teeth and mouth

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Any X-rays if necessary

Conversations about your overall general health taking into account any oral issues you’ve had since your last visit

Advice on the best teeth cleaning habits and finally 

Oh, and if you’re wondering ‘How long does a check up take?’ The whole process lasts around 20-30 minutes, and you’ll probably get a free Tim Tam at the end of it! If you’re long overdue for your general check up, or you’ve developed a tooth or gum problem in between visits, then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Tooth Crusader. Give us a call on (02) 8097 1838 about our services or book online for an appointment today!

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