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If you’re seeking out the best dental crowns and bridges Wolli Creek has to offer, look no further than Tooth Crusader. Dr. Kelly Tse and the team can restore your smile using the very latest dental crowns and bridges available.

What are dental crowns & bridges exactly? Our dentist in Wolli Creek NSW explains…

Unlike conventional dentures in Sydney NSW which are removable, both crowns and dental bridges are fixed or cemented to existing teeth or implants. Both are designed to restore the form and functionality of your natural smile. While a dental crown is in effect a ‘cap’ that sits over the tooth to provide protection, a dental bridge, ‘bridges’ the gap where a missing tooth once was.

However, the main difference between crowns and bridges in Wolli Creek is that one protects a tooth that is currently in position (a dental crown) and the other (a dental bridge) provides a replacement for a tooth that is currently missing.



When would I need a dental crown in Sydney?

Much of our Wolli Creek dental care involves fitting custom lifelike dental crowns. Here at Tooth Crusader, we use only the highest quality dental ceramic materials to ensure a durable long-lasting crown. If your teeth have been damaged by

● Trauma
● Decay or
● They are cracked or chipped; or
● You have undergone root canal therapy

then a dental crown will provide protection to the existing tooth underneath.



What about getting a dental bridge in Sydney?

When Wolli Creek patients come to us with missing teeth we might suggest a dental bridge procedure. Bridges utilise three or more crowns which are connected together using a framework. The outer two crowns fit over the adjacent natural teeth while the remaining tooth ‘bridges’ the gap.

How long do crowns and bridges last?
On average both crowns and bridges should last anywhere between 7-10 years providing they are well cared for. While both are cheaper than dental implants, they are seen as an affordable option for replacing or protecting teeth.

If you have a less than perfect smile and would like to find out more about how dental crowns & bridges can help you, then contact the team at Tooth Crusader today at (02) 8097 1838 . We’re your ‘go to’ dentist in Wolli Creek, Sydney NSW.

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