Are your teeth crooked or gapped? Do you dream of having a beautifully straight smile but don’t like the idea of wearing braces? At Tooth Crusader, you can achieve a beautifully straight and brighter smile with Invisalign Go, and a complimentary teeth whitening treatment, for only $3,000.  


What is Invisalign Go?

Invisalign Go is a series of customised clear plastic aligner trays that sit on top of your teeth like a mouth guard. 


How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign Go trays apply gentle force to your teeth to gradually make them conform to the shape of the tray. Each section of the tray moves an individual tooth a fraction of a centimeter at a time. You change your Invisalign Go trays every 2 weeks to encourage tooth movement until your teeth have reached their final straightened position. 


Benefits of Invisalign Go 

Compared with traditional metal braces and the classic Invisalign system, new Invisalign Go offers several benefits for patients. 



Unlike the classic Invisalign system, which can take up to 12 months to achieve the desired results, with Invisalign Go I can help you get a beautifully straight smile in just 3-6 months, depending on your unique case. 


More Affordable

One of the downsides to traditional Invisalign is the cost. Some patients find clear aligners cost prohibitive when compared with other orthodontic devices such as conventional braces. However, with the Invisalign Go system, I can offer you an effective and invisible teeth straightening treatment at just a fraction of the price of traditional Invisalign.



Wire and brackets used in traditional braces can cause abrasions on the inside of your mouth or irritate your gums. The smooth plastic Invisalign Go trays are custom designed to fit the natural shape of your mouth and apply gentle pressure to reposition teeth, making them a more comfortable orthodontic system to wear. 


With Invisalign Go, there is no disruption to your everyday life as with some other orthodontic devices. Invisalign Go aligner trays are constructed from a clear non-toxic plastic and are virtually invisible to help you feel more confident. 

The transparent aligners can also be removed for brushing, flossing, and eating, then simply rinsed and replaced afterward, so there is no need to modify your diet or oral hygiene routine. You can even remove them for a special event.

Who is Eligible for Invisalign Go?

While Invisalign Go is a highly effective system for correcting orthodontic issues. Not all my patients may be eligible for Invisalign Go treatment. 

Invisalign Go is most suitable for patients with mild to moderate malocclusions but not for complex or severe misalignment of the jaws and teeth. During your initial consultation, I will assess your smile to determine whether you are a candidate, or if another orthodontic treatment option is more suitable for correcting your smile.  

Invisalign Go is an ideal orthodontic option for patients who have experienced teeth movement after having traditional braces removed. 


Invisalign Go at Tooth Crusader

At Tooth Crusader, my staff and I are trained in the Invisalign Go procedure and are fully qualified to administer the treatment. 

I will begin by assessing the current condition and position of your teeth, and then use the Invisalign Go Photo Uploader to create a new Invisalign Go patient profile. This allows me to track the movement of your teeth throughout your treatment. 

I will also take a digital impression of your teeth using 3D scanning technology. From this scan, we can create a simulation straight away of what we can achieve. Based on your feedback of that simulation, we send everything off to the Invisalign team, and a full plan comes back to us in a few days.  

Once I receive your customised Invisalign aligners, I fit your first tray to check the placement and comfort and then demonstrate how to change them. I provide you with a treatment plan that details how often you need to change your trays, typically every 1-2 weeks, and how to care for your Invisalign system. 

While you only need to wear your Invisalign aligners 20-22 hours per day, I recommend you wear them for as many hours as possible for optimal results. 

I check on the progress of your teeth every 4-6 weeks. Once your treatment is complete, I give you a complimentary Philips Zoom in-chair teeth whitening treatment to brighten your newly straight smile.

At Tooth Crusader you can achieve a beautifully straight and brighter smile with Invisalign Go, and a complimentary teeth whitening treatment, for only $3,000. 

Following treatment, you will be given 1 set of retainers, to ensure your teeth do not relapse to their former position. Ask me about our Care Program following your treatment, which covers misplaced or damaged retainers and whitening gel and trays to help keep your smile straight and bright!    


Final Thoughts

Invisalign Go is an effective and affordable way to straighten your teeth discreetly. At Tooth Crusader, I am proud to be one of the first dental practices to offer Invisalign Go in Australia. 

So, if you want a beautiful, straight smile, call me on (02) 8097 1838 to book an appointment. Let me help you achieve the smile of your dreams!