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Invisalign in Wolli Creek – an Affordable clear Aligner Options Explained

If you’re seeking discreet teeth straightening options in Wolli Creek, then you might want to think about Invisalign GO Clear Aligners treatment with Dr Kelly Tse. Invisalign is a trusted brand and a favourite among people looking for alternatives to conventional bracket and wire style braces.

Invisalign GO is only: $3,000
Philips Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening Session at the end of your treatment

So what is invisalign go Clear Aligners exactly?

Invisalign GO Clear Aligners – or invisible braces as they are sometimes called – are worn over the teeth just like a mouth-guard, rather than being attached to them. Invisalign aligners are manufactured by 3D printing medical grade transparent plastic into trays that you wear which gradually move your teeth by means of controlled and timed force.

Unlike conventional orthodontics where one device controls the whole teeth straightening process, each transparent aligner (changed every week or two) is designed to move certain teeth a fraction of a centimeter. When the aligner has done its job, it’s discarded, and the next aligner takes its place. This goes on until the ideal tooth position has been reached.

So, what are the advantages of invisalign clear aligners vs fixed braces

● Discreetness – invisalign clear aligners are in fact barely visible making them a great option for those wanting a more discreet orthodontic treatment

● Flexibility – Because each aligner is easily removable, dental patients have the flexibility of when and where they wear them – That said, Dr Kelly Tse here at Tooth Crusader suggests that for best results, each aligner should be worn for around 22 hours a day.

If you have any questions please contact us so we can go over a plan with you.

Invisalign GO

These are a type of clear aligners (invisible braces) which are manufactured in the USA at a Invisalign centralized dental laboratory. Each set is unique and personalized to the your needs. A simulated plan is based on digital scans, OPG and Lateral Cephalometry x-rays and photographs. Once a digital impression is taken, it’s all sent to Invisalign who then make a the bespoke aligners.

The Tooth Crusader difference is unlike most other providers, we do not estimate fees. We are proud to offer a great dental service at a great price for Invisalign GO.


Invisalign GO is only: $3,000
Philips Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening Session at the end of your treatment


Just a note on Insurance Coverage:

• Most Health Fund members may be eligible to claim a rebate for their Invisalign clear aligner treatment. The type and level of cover of your individual insurance policy can affect your claimable amount, so make sure to check your entitlements with your provider.

• After your payment, we will provide an invoice with all the information you need to make a claim, including our provider number, item codes and costs. To claim your rebate, simply send through our invoice with the relevant claim form to your health insurance provider.

Our Care Program

Our Care Program

What can Invisalign GO by tooth crusader achieve?

Invisalign and trusted clear aligner treatments can treat a wide range of dental problems including:

● Widely spaced teeth

● An overcrowded mouth

● Overbite

● Crossbite

● Underbite

So in effect, when it comes to discreet teeth straightening options Invisalign Go by Tooth Crusader at Wolli Creek is an ideal choice.

Are there any disadvantages to wearing an aligner?

Not really! While they might not be able to solve severe orthodontic problems, Invisalign and indeed, our own in house 3D printed versions can correct many tooth alignment problems.

Perhaps the only difference is that because clear braces give the patient full autonomy over their clear aligner treatment but patients need commit to ensuring that their aligners are worn 20-22 hours every day.

To find out more about our state-of-the-art discreet Invisalign GO aligners talk to the team at Tooth Crusader today by calling (02) 8097 1838. Dr Kelly Tse and the team will help you to restore your perfect smile. Do not miss our after “Care Program” for your teeth following completion of your aligner treatment. Contact us for more information!

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