If you’ve been considering professional teeth whitening, Zoom’s quick acting and safe application could be for you. Offering patients a smile that is up to eight times whiter than your ‘before’ picture, and administered in a professional environment, Zoom provides a wealth of benefits that makes at-home treatments dull in comparison (quite literally!).


How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Our teeth whitening process begins with a consultation with your dentist. She will perform an initial consultation, inspecting your mouth for any cavities or gum recessions. She will listen to any concerns you may have and explain each step of the process to you.


You will also share why and how much you’d like your teeth whitened. Zoom whitening can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades, but this may not be possible or necessary for everyone. Together you will come up with a solution that will work best for you.


Are You A Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

In order to be eligible for safe teeth bleaching you should be over the age of 18, not pregnant and not be breastfeeding. Additionally, any cavities or damage to your tooth enamel will need to be treated before you can proceed with a tooth bleaching treatment.


Once your dentist is satisfied that you tick all the right boxes she will give you a thorough dental clean to remove any plaque or tartar build-up. This is to ensure an even whitening result.


Whitening Your Teeth



Before you can begin the tooth whitening process your dentist will cover your gums and soft tissue to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with the bleaching agent.



The dentist uses a bleaching gel that contains 25% hydrogen peroxide. The gel will be applied to the exterior surface of your teeth, ensuring an even application around all sides of your teeth. Then your dentist will shine a light onto your teeth to accelerate the whitening process.



The powerful bleaching agent will penetrate the enamel of your teeth, breaking up the stains that cause discolouration.  The gel is left on for 15 minutes and you can relax while it gets to work. After 15 minutes your dentist will remove it. This step may be repeated two or three more times until your teeth have achieved the level of whiteness you agreed to with your dentist.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?


How long the results last differs between people. It also depends on what you expose your teeth to. Food and beverages like cola, coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco products can discolour your teeth faster. If you would like to retain your bright white smile it is recommended that you avoid these substances.

You can also discuss at-home top-up treatments with your dentist if you would like to maintain your new white smile for as long as possible.

Regular dental cleaning and brushing at least twice daily with whitening toothpaste can also help to extend your results for longer.


How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?


The short answer is ‘probably a lot less than you expected’. In fact, the primary reason that so many people are disappointed with teeth whitening strips, at-home whitening kits, and whitening gels is down to cost: consumers want an affordable service.


Unfortunately, cheap products are generally sub-standard so the patient ends up spending more over the long term.


Smile.com.au’s Australian Dental Fee Survey in 2017 revealed that take-home teeth whitening kits cost around $610. Professional teeth whitening costs around $260 per tooth but this does not include the cost of the initial consultation and dental cleaning, which is factored in at $280 for the same period.


Those fees are somewhat intimidating so it’s no wonder that patients are tempted to try their luck with over-the-counter products.


Tooth Crusader would like to make teeth whitening affordable to everyone so we are offering professional teeth whitening for only $289. We would prefer our patients to have their whitening done in our chair so that we can handle the process, make any necessary adjustments and ensure that your expectations are met.


To find out more about professional teeth whitening and how it could benefit you, please get in touch with our dentist in Wolli Creek:  (02) 8097 1838.