While the extraction of your wisdom teeth is not often considered an emergency surgery as dentists will continue to evaluate and monitor their progressive growth, there are dangers to delaying wisdom tooth removal. Pain, soreness, redness, swelling, and pressure in the area are among some of the first signs of the complications to come. 

You may not consider it, but impacted wisdom teeth that don’t get removed can end up adversely affecting your daily routine and well-being. Eating will become painful, speech may be difficult and your self-confidence could drop. It’s important that when you’re facing the decision to get your wisdom teeth removed, you remember these below dangers of delaying the surgery. 


Many people tend to delay visiting the dentist and many more would put off a dental surgery for several reasons, whether this is anxiety or cost. However, if a wisdom tooth is impacted under the surface of your gum causing you pain, it’s likely a sign of worse things to come – like pericoronitis, a disease of the gum tissue. The area around your gums will become inflamed and infected which often leads to pain so severe that some people experience difficulty opening their mouth. Some people also report swollen lymph nodes around their neck. 


The formation of cysts is something you may still end up dealing with even if your wisdom teeth aren’t impacted. These cysts are pockets where bacteria and food particles build up leading to infection and, if not treated, dental decay. Depending on how deep or large these cysts are, you may need surgery to remove them, so if you’re facing surgery anyway, it’s best to opt for wisdom tooth removal rather than risk the chance of cysts forming. 


If you had braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments you probably already understand the difficulties of misaligned teeth which you wouldn’t want to face again after forking out the money for braces in the first place. When wisdom teeth grow in, there’s rarely enough room for them to fit in your jaw which means they will come in at different angles, shifting the rest of your teeth. This misalignment and movement can cause other teeth to rub against each other and break down the enamel opening you to the possibility of cavities and tooth decay, which can cause an over or underbite, and in severe cases can also interfere with the way you open and close your mouth. When your bite pattern is adjusted, excessive stress is exerted on the muscles and joints in your jaw which may require orthodontic treatment to correct. 

Why Choose Tooth Crusader for Wisdom Tooth Removal? 

Gone are the days when wisdom tooth removal was a complicated procedure. With advancements in technology and techniques, our team at Tooth Crusader can ensure the wisdom tooth extraction process is a simple one. Recovery is quick and the pain relief will be immeasurable. We can walk you through the detailed tailor-made process designed specifically for your situation and ensure you feel comfortable with our team and the procedure. Our dentists & doctors are fully qualified and backed up by friendly dental hygienists assistants that are both dedicated to your health and safety. We are skilled, trusted, and ready to help you regain confidence, a healthier smile and a good oral hygiene routine that will result in a positive outlook for your own well-being. 

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Although symptoms may start as just a mild toothache, these problems can become quite severe, but all can be avoided by regularly visiting our team at Tooth Crusader for check-ups and ensuring you get any impacted wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible. Call our team today on (02) 8097 1838 to book a consultation with your local dentist in Sydney.