Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most commonly performed dental surgeries today, so if you are concerned about wisdom teeth removal recovery, don’t be. The average recovery time is around 7-10 days and, if you follow our guidance, you will heal quickly.

As the principal dentist at Tooth Crusader, I believe in providing affordable wisdom tooth extractions, under the skillful hands of our experienced team. My objective is to help you recover from your wisdom tooth extraction as quickly as possible.

What Are Wisdom Teeth And Why Do We Have Them?

Wisdom teeth or premolars are situated at the back of your mouth, and they are the last teeth that grow at the four ends of your jaws. Many people find their wisdom teeth have erupted by the time they reach 25, while in some people they do not emerge at all.

Our wisdom teeth are there as back up teeth, in the event that one of the molars is lost. In some cases, wisdom teeth present with problems and need to be extracted. Some examples of these scenarios include:

  • A jaw that is too small or cramped to allow for enough space for the wisdom teeth
  • When the wisdom teeth emerge from the gums at an angle
  • When the wisdom teeth emerge only partially

When there are problems with your wisdom teeth, an infection may be present. In many cases, the most sensible way forward is to remove the wisdom tooth. At Tooth Crusader we always do our best to save the teeth and act in the best interests of our patients. If your wisdom teeth do not present with any problems, we will not extract them.

How Long Is The Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Period?

Your healing timeline is highly dependant on the condition of your mouth and the complexity of your surgery. On average, most patients feel they are back to normal after about seven days.

Some patients need stitches to close up the wound after a wisdom tooth extraction. In this instance, the stitch is typically removed after a week.

In very complex cases there may also be bruising, pain and swelling, and these symptoms will also require a healing period.

Your healing process will probably follow these stages:

Blood clots

Blood clots usually form in the first 24 hours after your wisdom tooth has been extracted.

Improvements in swelling

Swelling in your gums and cheeks is likely to improve within two to three days after your surgery.

Stitches come out

Most dentists will remove any stitches seven days after surgery.

General soreness and wellbeing

Within seven to ten days following your surgery, you can expect that any soreness or discomfort will have improved. If you had bruising in your facial muscles, this should have healed two weeks following your extraction.

How You Can Assist And Accelerate Your Healing Process

Blood Clots

In order to heal effectively your body will produce blood clots that cover the surface of your wound. This is done so that your wound does not carry on bleeding, and also closes it up to protect it against infection. It also serves to protect any exposed bone and to give you a chance to develop new tissue over the area.

Allowing the blood clots to stay in place and perform the aforementioned functions is very important, so your dentist will recommend that you avoid brushing and flossing in and next to the extraction site in the 24 hours after your procedure. He or she will also recommend that you avoid rinsing your mouth, drinking hot drinks and chewing food on the side of your mouth on which the extraction was done.

After 24 hours have passed, you will be able to rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash.

Manage Bruising

Ice is a highly effective way to manage bruising, and it is most effective directly after the surgery. You may find relief in holding an ice pack against the bruised side of your face. If the swelling or discomfort is very intense your dentist may recommend some painkillers, but many patients find this is not necessary.

Prevent Infections

You can prevent an infection from developing by keeping your mouth clean. Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash or salt solution can kill any germs in your mouth. Remember to brush and floss as directed, and to avoid alcohol and tobacco products.

Have questions about wisdom tooth extraction cost or what you can expect during wisdom teeth removal recovery? It’s best to speak to a professional. Please contact our practice today: (02) 8097 1838.